Gina's first single release. Acoustic piano, studio version. Listen and download the single by clicking the album art. Special Thanks to Oln Verayne for mixing and mastering. Credit:

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This is a 6-track instrumental piano album with songs written in the place of prayer and devotion. Click on the album to listen to it & download on bandcamp. Special thanks to Michael Nabiy Hill for mixing & mastering. Credit:

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Prayers & Promises for Young Teens is a great tool to help your 11-14 year old develop their prayer life through scripture meditation, declaration prayers, praying the Bible, and journaling. click image to purchase on Amazon. $6.99





Discovering God's Heart Student Workbook accompanies the Song of Solomon for children curriculum. Each student going through the class curriculum should have their own workbook. This workbook is geared for 8-14 year olds. click to purchase on Amazon. $7.69.


CURRICULUM for Children's Leaders


Just like adults, a prayer life doesn't happen on accident for kids. Using the FOUNDATIONS OF PRAYER teachings can help your kids develop tools to build their prayer life. This curriculum has been designed to be used with children in a hands on classroom environment, but can easily be adapted for families, schools and other environments. It goes through six different types of prayer, including adoration, proclamation, and intercession, giving practical application for the children each lesson. These eight lessons will put tools in children's lives to experience God through prayer in their everyday lives. When you purchase this curriculum, you also will receive access to download a coordinating PowerPoint Slide Show and Full Color PDF Supplement Materials. For downloads click the "FREE Resources" Button at the bottom of this page.  Click to purchase on Amazon$22

DISCOVERING GODS HEART FOR CHILDREN is designed to be hands-on with a lesson from the Song of Solomon each week. These ten lessons give children a foundation of understanding how God feels toward them and then a chance to apply the lesson by praying for what they learned to be absorbed with one another. There is a corresponding slideshow and supplements available for free to download, just click the "more resources" button below. Click to purchase on Amazon. $24