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These are not your average Sunday School resources. These are tools you can use to take kids who "know all the stuff" deeper in intimacy with God. Use them, share them, adapt them, we don't mind. We just pray that the children in your life have real encounter with the Living God. Below are free downloads and supplements to the curriculum we offer in our store.


Other FREE Downloadable Resources:

Daily Declarations

Use these declarations to pray over yourself and your family daily and watch how the Lord fills your life with peace and comfort.

Biblical Promises & Identity Scriptures

Use these passages to pray over your children at home, at church, or over yourself and see an increase in confidence in your identity in Christ.

Target Meditation Activity

Use this sheet to help children/youth dig deeper into the scripture in a more visual way. For more explanation, see this post.

John 1:1 Tracer Page

Here is traceable page I made. You can make them by downloading a "dotted" font.



FREE Download Supplements for this Curriculum: